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The working principle of the vacuum freeze drier with components

Working principle of the vacuum freeze drier with components! Vacuum freeze drying is material first freeze below the eutectic point temperature, make the moisture in the material of solid ice, then under the appropriate vacuum degree, make ice sublimation directly to water vapor. With a vacuum system of steam condenser ( Water traps) Will water vapor condensation, thereby gaining technology of dry products. The three stages of the lyophilization process is divided into precool, sublimation drying, dry.

vacuum freeze drier ( The lyophilizer) Structure is mainly composed of drying chamber, condenser, Water traps) , heating system, vacuum system, cooling system and electric control system of six parts.

1. 1 oven

drying oven is a vacuum and heating sealing device, the sublimation of material drying process was done in a dry indoor, content material is placed in the stainless steel tray on the shelf in drying chamber, 8 ~ 12 kg per square tray area of proportional loading, each layer of the shelf has a probe for measuring the material temperature, to monitor the temperature of the material in the process of freeze-drying. Door USES the rubber sealing strip, attention should be paid to close the door handle on the door when you screwed tightly, make sure the seal in the cabinet.

1. 2 the condenser ( Water traps)

the condenser is the sublimation of condensation water sealing device, a large-area metal inside surface adsorption, the sublimation from the oven material can condense water vapor adsorption on the metal surface, adsorption working temperature can reach - below 45℃~- 55 ℃, the cooling device appearance is stainless steel or iron drum, internal disc have cold coagulation tube, respectively connected to the refrigerating unit, composed of refrigeration cycle system. Condenser vacuum butterfly valve is used to connect with drying oven; Adopt stainless steel tube connected to the vacuum pump vacuum system of tube cold coagulation tube inside the upper is equipped with frost water spray, it through vacuum diaphragm valve and water pipe connection, this is not to BaoZhengHua frost water into the dry dry box and vacuum pipeline. On the outside of the condenser use foam board heat preservation heat insulation, the outer package with stainless steel plate.

1. 3 heating system

the lyophilizer within the heating system is used for drying oven heating material, in order to make the material be constantly sublimation heat, the moisture content of items in order to achieve a specified requirement, the lyophilizer and thermal systems have different heating methods, in contact heating, we adopt is circular dielectric heating. Circulating heating system by pipeline pump, circulating medium tank, heater, in and out of line, liquid temperature control system, etc. Circulating fluid 2 can be made of four water, ethanol, ethylene glycol four configured to non-freezing fluid circulation, its freezing point is - 120 ℃, when using the liquid temperature is highest do not exceed 60 ℃, now part of the freeze-drying equipment have used liquid silicone oil as a cycle. When add hot system work, first to heat circulation fluid, liquid temperature by liquid box control apparatus selected automatic temperature control heating, pipe pump is turned on, in the circulation fluid into the oven racks, the shelf heating, and then return to the tank to the heating cycle. And we used in radiation or heat steam heating the highest temperature is 120 ℃, by steam solenoid valve automatic control temperature.

1. 4 vacuum system

with rotary vane vacuum pumps or water ring vacuum system of pump and roots vacuum pump, roots pump for booster pump cannot be used alone, must first start the rotary vane pumps or water ring pump, make it work for a period of time, when the system of vacuum degree reaches 1 kpa, again from the start the roots pump. Rotary vane pumps, roots pump structure see Ming said. The vacuum system of vacuum gauge can use electric contact vacuum table, according to the vacuum degree of pre-selected value, automatic control of roots pump start-up. Between drying chamber and condenser vacuum pipeline, vacuum butterfly valve, can be used according to the requirements on and off at any time. Vacuum pump pipe, is equipped with electromagnetic air valve, when the pump stop working automatically close the vacuum line, the air into the pump at the same time, to avoid vacuum pump oil because of negative pressure in vacuum tube road on the playback, equipped with corrugated hose between connection pipe of the vacuum pump, vibration in the operation of the check.

1. 5 refrigeration system

freeze-dried mechanism cooling system by the refrigeration compressor unit ( Include: water cooled condenser, oil separator, high pressure pipeline, filter drier, expansion valve, evaporator, low pressure pipeline) , use freon machine group and R22 industrial ice machine or fluorine refrigeration units, refrigeration units of the frozen avoiding quick-frozen refrigeration system and the traps are cooling water system. When the system work, contact heating mode in the shelf temperature can fall to - 35℃。 When refrigeration system is working, the surface temperature of the condenser coil to - 35 ~ - 55 ℃, according to the customer need to adopt single stage or two stage refrigeration compressor, refrigeration effect is good.

1. 6 electrical control system

the lyophilizer electric control system by computer display recorder, console, control instrument, such as adjusting instrument of automatic processing and circuit. Its function is to freeze dryer for manual or automatic control, control of the normal operation of equipment. Console is the record of temperature, vacuum degree checking instrument control instrument and each unit switch of focus group, the dashboard console equipped with temperature, vacuum degree of inspection instrument, drying oven and vacuum pump vacuum gauge, temperature refers to the regulator, liquid temperature control meter, the clock, etc. Button on the board of each unit is equipped with switch, etc.

the lyophilizer also have chain protection device, such as (1) chamber refrigeration heating tube can not work. (2) really empty table is less than the set value, roots pump can't start. (3) cooling water fails to provide, refrigeration unit does not start. 4. Vacuum pump, solenoid valve with deflated cut-off valve and vacuum pump power table together, at the same time. (5) shelf heating temperature, controlled by the temperature indicating apparatus.

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