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The working principle of the snowflake ice maker

Snow cbfi ice machine is a kind of refrigeration process in which water passes through a fully automatic controlled water tank to control the inlet water flow and water level, and then passes through a double spiral evaporator, which is cooled by the refrigeration system to produce ice water and mix to produce a refrigeration process with a relatively low water content.
Because the gear reducer drives the reverse rotation of the evaporator double helix, the ice and water are automatically separated, and the ice with a lower water content will be produced after subcooling again, which ensures the extension of the storage time of the ice in practical applications. ,Increase productivity.
Due to the extrusion effect of the double helix, the mixing of ice and water during the extrusion process, the extrusion force continues to increase and the angle keeps changing, the shape of the ice produced becomes more irregular, finer and more broken. The birth of the double spiral ice making method overcomes the problem of long-term waste water discharge during the ice making process and increases the ice production per unit time of the cbfi ice machine.
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