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The working principle of the single-effect libr absorption chiller

Single-effect lithium bromide chiller by heat source circuit, solution loop, cooling water circuit, refrigerant and the refrigerant water. Work, generator, hydrophobic, water tank, untrustworthy form heat source circuit, such as pump to provide lithium bromide refrigerator heat steam: composed of evaporator, refrigerant water pump such as refrigerant water loop: by the absorber and condenser, cooling tower and cooling water pump to the cooling water circuit environmental discharge lithium bromide refrigerator heat: composed of generator and absorber and solution heat exchanger solution loop: by the generator, condenser, evaporator, absorber and solution exchanger refrigerant circuit, heat circuit are composed of the evaporator boiler into a hot water boiler, lithium bromide chiller is hot water operated lithium bromide refrigeration units, jorge source circuit composed of generator and burning device, lithium bromide chiller is a single side effect of the direct fired lithium bromide refrigeration units.

the unit work, to transfer heat to the generator heat source circuit of 1, 1 lithium bromide solution is heated in the generator, steam into the condenser 2, to the cooling water in the condenser heat release, condenses into cold water, cooling water through the throttle device 3 throttling flow into the evaporator after 4, evaporative cooling in the evaporator, and will be passed to the industrial ice machine water cooling capacity, the cold extrusion of steam produced in the evaporator 3 into the absorber 6 were from generator 1 lithium bromide absorption solution concentration, the lithium bromide solution into a dilute solution, at the same time that completed the refrigerant circuit. From absorber 6 outflow of dilute solution by 9 8 booster pump through the solution heat exchanger, was also from generator 1 out of strong solution, and then concentrated solution, condenses into the generator 1 heated lithium bromide concentrated solution under the action of pressure difference is entered into the absorber solution heat exchanger 9 6 area absorption cooling steam, this completes the solution circuit.

is a simple double effect lithium bromide refrigeration units. Because of the generator and condenser pressure is higher, so it will generator 1 and 2 do condenser in a simplified, known as the high pressure cylinder, and the evaporator and the absorber pressure is low, to do the evaporator and the absorber 3 6 within another quiver, referred to as the low pressure cylinder. High pressure condenser of the water in the quiver through u tube or other throttling device throttling flow into the evaporator in the low pressure cylinder. Of course can also be generator, absorber, condenser and evaporator in a simplified, called quiver single-effect lithium bromide chiller. The thermal coefficient of single-effect lithium bromide refrigerator in 0. About 7.
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