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The working principle of the double-effect libr absorption chiller

Double-effect libr absorption chiller need high temperature heat source to drive, usually with 0. 25 ~ 0. 8 mp gage pressure of water vapor or other 150 & deg; The above gas such as heat source.

double-effect lithium bromide refrigerating unit with single-effect lithium bromide refrigeration units, also by the heat source circuit, solution loop, cold extrusion, cooling water circuit and the circuit of industrial ice machine water. The difference is that the heat source circuit composed of condenser, high-voltage generator, low voltage generator and the heat source unit, loop one more solution and solution heat exchanger.

double-effect lithium bromide refrigeration units, 1 in the high voltage generator dilute solution heated by heat, cold extrusion steam produced under high pressure, because the steam has high saturation temperature, condensation latent heat emitted by still can continue to use, so the steam was bubbled into low voltage generator 2 as a heat source to heat the solution in low voltage generator, low in cold extrusion under the pressure of the steam, and then with low pressure cold extrusion steam into 3 cold cold extrusion condensed water condenser, cold water after the throttle device 4 throttling 5 into the evaporator for evaporative cooling, evaporation of cold extrusion of steam in the absorber was from the high and low voltage generator 1 7. 2 to the strong absorption solution into a dilute solution, and then in the pump 9 10 through high and low temperature solution heat exchanger. 11 and 12 respectively into high and low water coagulation generator 1. 2. Due to the heat source of heat in the high voltage generator and low-pressure generator secondary use, so called the double-effect lithium bromide chiller. Compared with the single effect lithium bromide chiller, double-effect lithium bromide chiller need quantity of heat, so heat wash gargle is higher in 1. 1 ~ 1. 2, the cooling water is greatly reduced.
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