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The working principle of the direct cooling block ice machine

1. The chilled water pump of the water storage tank does not flow through the plate-type or subdivided evaporator without interruption;    2. After the compressor is running, it undergoes suction-compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction)-saving-and then in the evaporator -10 to -18 degrees lower temperature evaporation absorbs cold and vaporizes. Frozen water does not break at a water temperature of 0 degrees and condenses into an ice layer in a lower temperature evaporator. When the ice layer has condensed to a certain thickness, when the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant reaches the temperature-controlled setting temperature, the defrost solenoid valve is switched on and the cold pump is used for deicing, and then the next cycle is realized. The ice making cycle of the direct cooling block ice machine fills the water valve through the process, and the water automatically enters a water storage tank, and then the water is collected by the process water pump through the flow control valve to the shunt head, where the water is evenly sprayed to the ice maker In the middle appearance, it flows through the wall of the ice maker like a curtain of water. The water is cooled to the freezing point, while the water that has not been evaporated and frozen will flow into the water storage tank through the process porous tank, re-circulating the earliest event. The ice-picking cycle of the direct cooling block ice machine When the ice reaches the required thickness (whether the thickness is arbitrarily picked by the operator/user), the cold air dumped by the compressor is re-introduced into the wall of the ice maker to replace the lower temperature liquid refrigerant . How much a water film is formed between the ice and the wall of the evaporation tube, this water film will act as a slippery dip when the ice falls into the tank below by gravity. And the water generated during the ice-picking cycle will pass through the porous tank and return to the water storage tank. How much is it that the wet ice is being dumped by the machine. The condensation of the direct cooling block Tube Ice Machine can be realized by air-cooled, water-cooled or evaporative condenser. The evaporative type is installed below the ice machine, the water-cooled condenser is installed under the ice machine or under the cooling system, and the air-cooled condenser is installed on the handle. Whether the ice machine is installed together Whether it is installed in the household. If necessary, can the water-cooled condenser be used on ships or on the coast, and use sea water for cooling. Whether evaporative cooling can be used at lower ambient air temperature, but from a compliance and economic point of view, it is not used under the premise of practical water-cooling or air-cooling. Germany Ferguson FOCUSUN, American Manitowoc, American Scottsman Scotsman, American ICEOMatic, Japanese Xingqi Tube Ice Machine, Japan Aisman direct cooling block Tube Ice Machine is now the mainstream underground
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