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The working principle of cryogenic refrigeration

Working principle of high pressure system is in low pressure ammonia refrigeration compressor from evaporator steam, and compressed, increase the back pressure in high pressure pipe by ammonia oil set device to remove the out of the lubricating oil in compressor, after entering the condenser, release ammonia in the condenser's heat, the high pressure ammonia condenser for high pressure ammonia liquid high pressure ammonia liquid by gravity into the high pressure accumulator, out of the high pressure accumulator ammonia liquid into the evaporator again after the liquid distribution system and the throttle valve, or by a low-pressure equipment into the evaporator, the process of ammonia industrial ice machine by above knowable, high pressure system can be divided into three parts: compression condensation, and adjust the part.

compression part

whether food cold storage or industrial cooling device or air conditioning, caused by the nature of the product is different, they have different requirement for temperature, therefore, require refrigeration system can not only adapt to a single evaporation temperature, but also should be adapted to the different evaporation temperature, the higher requirements for the evaporation temperature of cryogenic refrigerator can match with single stage compression refrigeration system, for low evaporation temperature side need to match with two stage compression refrigeration system, in addition, for evaporation temperature lower side only the cascade refrigeration system, and when there are multiple height (different evaporation temperature, the side can be used in a single and double level hybrid system, ammonia vapour compression part is mainly composed of refrigeration compressor, vacuum exhaust pipe and the double level system of the intercooler.
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