The vacuum freezing dryer lyophilization process major matters

by:CBFI     2020-10-02
Can put the items for low temperature drying, vacuum freeze drying machine was popular, also gradually widely used in food, cosmetics and beauty, pharmaceutical and biological products, pet food and other fields. But vacuum freezing dryer operation problems also need to pay attention to, the following manufacturer for your summary, the vacuum freeze drier lyophilization process main items:

1, the freezing temperature should guarantee under the triple point, or in a vacuum environment, liquid boiling can make the product surface is uneven;

2, sublimation drying process, keep enough vacuum degree. Vacuum is not enough or insufficient heating can lead to finished product moisture sublimation incomplete, high water content,

3, heating fast, uneven heating or precool incomplete, will be in the process of sublimation, make products to be part of liquefaction, produced under the condition of reduced pressure spray bottle phenomenon, make the products surface uneven;

4, the sublimation temperature unchanged;

5, quick-freezing process faster and faster, the generated ice crystals is smaller, the smaller the influence on goods structure.

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