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The vacuum freezing dryer in hawthorn freeze-dried advantage

Hawthorn is approved by the ministry of health in our country medicine and food plants, has a long history of edible and medicinal, hawthorn fruits contain rich nutrients and pharmacological active ingredients, widely used in the engine in the food and drug. Hawthorn has high nutritional value and healthy function. But the traditional processing method mainly for hot working, in the process of machining, the nutrition ingredients, active ingredients easy to loss of raw material, which can significantly reduce the nutrition, potency and active ingredient.

with the continuous development of vacuum freeze drying machine technology and the wide application of its in hawthorn freeze-dried processing has a profound significance and market prospects of development. Advantage of vacuum freezing dryer in hawthorn freeze-dried: hawthorn lyophilization is frozen, vacuum drying was carried out on the raw material directly, not by natural air drying and hot air drying, maximum keep the raw materials of nutrients and flavor. Does not use any additives in the processing, and avoid the high temperature water loss caused by shrinkage weather-shack phenomenon appearance. Compared with traditional dry products such as hawthorn piece, the hawthorn freeze-dried whole fruit can retain and concentrate fresh samples from a variety of nutrients, such as sugar, vitamins, cellulose and minerals, etc. For example, total sugar content is 31. 3%, Vc content is 142. 8 mg / 100 g, total acid content was 12. 3%, protein content is 3. 46%, the flavonoids content is 0. 23%. Its water content is generally not more than 4%, dry products with low water activity, is not conducive to microbial growth, can be long-term preservation.

in addition, the vacuum freeze drying of hawthorn whole fruit not treated with high temperature water loss in the machining process, won't produce any contract, product appearance, no shrinkage phenomenon, retain the shape of the hawthorn fruit, has the good appearance quality. In the process of drying, hawthorn, loss by organization internal moisture sublimation lead to raw materials inside the cell or cell to form homogeneous honeycomb structure, make the products have very good crisp. The homogeneous porous texture also make the product easy to absorbing water, good water. After lyophilization hawthorn produce honeycomb structure, hawthorn more ground.
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