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The use of liquid chillers points points

Liquid chillers points output number should be the same as the number of shunt evaporator, otherwise, no matter which kind of liquid which points will appear asymmetric flow caused by fluid is uneven, cold water machine liquid points between the expansion valve and pipe section should be as short as possible, and should be avoided between the two valves or narrow place, otherwise it will produce the attached pressure drop, influence points fluid effect also should avoid to bend the pipe section, otherwise it will damage points for centrifugal force the uniformity of the flow pattern and flow of a fluid, also causes uneven liquid, liquid points should be installed vertically, avoid gravity difference affect points fluid uniformity.

in the form of different thermal expansion valve should follow the same instruction guidance method of correct installation and use of gas valve thermal head should not be down, welding interface, shall take corresponding measures. Ensure that the valve body shall not exceed the maximum temperature of the license.

as a result of the valve control action is determined by temperature bag mail, so must ensure that the bulb correctly reflect the evaporator temperature back, food and clothing should be installed in the cold room evaporation muffler horizontal tube, for the purpose of the most convenient won the heat signal. Bulb in the level of the installation position on the muffler Angle vary with back to the gas pipe diameter.

cold water machine:
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