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The use of ice maker, Bingquan Ice Maker Market Department summarizes the ten major uses of ice maker

With economic development and technological progress, the use of ice machines has been expanding in the national economy. The main uses of ice machines are: edible cold drinks, food processing, supermarket preservation, ocean fishing, seafood and aquatic products, construction projects and other industries that require ice. 1. Aquatic seafood, different types of ice machines are widely used in aquatic seafood. Seafood and aquatic products need ice to keep fresh from fishing, refrigeration, processing, transportation, wholesale and retail. Borneol is more efficient than other cold storage methods, and the quality of ice flake cold storage is the best, and it is the most widely used in the seafood and aquatic products industry. 2. Fishery fishing. At present, my country’s annual fishing volume of seafood is 17 million tons, ranking second in the world in terms of fishing volume. Fishing boats need to install a marine ice machine or carry ice cubes, which can extend the fishing time, and the quality of frozen seafood on ice cubes is better. 3. Slaughterhouse processing, borneol is added during steam heating and depilation of live pigs, chickens and ducks in slaughterhouses to ensure that the meat and poultry skins are not cooked, reduce the temperature of the meat and poultry, adjust the humidity of the meat and poultry, and ensure the taste. Borneol can also be added to the processed meat and poultry during transportation. Fourth, food processing, such as bread biscuits, dairy products, ham and meat processing, adding borneol can control the processing temperature and ensure food quality. 5. Application of edible and cold drinks. The ice cubes produced by tube Tube Ice Machine and granular ice making mechanism are crystal clear, beautiful, clean and hygienic, suitable for beverage preparation, decoration, food preservation, etc. It is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants, cold drinks shops, convenience stores and other places where ice is needed. 6. Supermarket preservation. For seafood, aquatic products, chickens, ducks and other fresh foods in supermarkets, adding flake ice can ensure that the refrigerated goods will not deteriorate, and the taste of borneol preservation is better than that of ordinary refrigerators, which is convenient for consumers to choose. Seven, ice factory retail, such as ice factory block ice retail, block ice breaking can be used in farmers' markets, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, buffets and other industries. 8. Cold chain transportation, such as seafood, aquatic products, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits, long-term transportation in summer is easy to breed bacteria, and ice cubes need to be added to control the temperature of the compartment to achieve the purpose of keeping fresh. 9. In the pharmaceutical industry, ice machines can be used in vaccine and drug production, pharmacy, logistics, transportation, and storage. 10. The temperature of the concrete is lowered. The mixing of the concrete will generate heat. The distance between the mixing plant and the construction site is too far. Adding ice flakes can prolong the solidification time of the concrete and control the quality of the concrete. In the water conservancy and hydropower, nuclear power, construction engineering and other industries that require concrete Both are widely used.
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