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The use and choice of Bingquan Snow Ice Maker

The use and choice of snowflake ice maker

Since snowflakes are ice close to natural forms with very low water content, they are especially suitable for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and food processing industries; food materials are kept fresh, displayed and refrigerated. If pure water is used, it can be used to cool drinks in bars, cafes, lounges and other places. The scope of application is particularly wide, and it can be summarized as the following features and uses:

1. Supermarket: Bingquan Snowflake has a fast ice output speed, which can meet the demand for a large amount of ice. Snowflake ice has good freezing effect and outstanding display effect, which can keep fresh, vegetables and fruits in a more ideal and fresh state;

2. Bar: The use of snow ice can quickly cool the product and save cooling time;

3. Coffee shop: The larger contact area of u200bu200bSnow Ice makes the coffee taste better;

4. Hotel restaurant: high-quality snow ice is suitable for all kinds of food display, pre-processing of cold drinks, all kinds of wine and champagne cooling;

5. Leisure bar: suitable for milk tea, fruit juice, small fruit tea, smoothie drinks, all food-grade 304 stainless steel material, the whole process is sealed, eating safer and more assured;

6. Food processing: high-quality snow ice can keep food fresh and vivid in a low temperature environment, with a better flavor, and safer and more assured during processing;

Features of Bingquan Snow

1. Independently researched and developed new evaporator with better exchange efficiency and lower energy consumption. Compared with the same output flake ice machine and cube ice machine, the power consumption is 25% less. If used for 6-8 years, it will save Electricity expenses can be purchased for an ice machine;

2. The self-developed multi-screw ice skates are reasonable in structure, light and durable, and are the core components of the snowflake ice maker. Since the ice skates and the inner wall of the evaporator are non-contact ice fishing, squeezing and conveying, there is no space between the various components. Wear and tear, no maintenance required for life;

3. The self-developed digital control technology is used to monitor the equipment water level, return air temperature, exhaust temperature steering, speed, fan speed, and ice full to make the overall operation of the ice maker safe and reliable;

4. From water inlet to ice outlet, the whole process is sealed, no outside contact, no secondary pollution, and all parts of the refrigeration system are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is more in line with direct eating technology;

5. The self-developed two-stage gear system, in which the manufacturing technology of the gear reaches the fifth level, which is the same level as the gear of the automobile transmission, which is reliable in operation, almost no noise, and maintenance-free;

6. Due to the optimization of the refrigeration link, the cbfi ice machine has a light and compact structure, and is small compared with other companies under the same output;

The correct use of Bingquan ice machine

1. The ice maker should be installed in a non-polluting, well-ventilated indoor place. The indoor temperature cannot be higher than 35°C in summer and 5°C in winter. The site should not be too small for installation and maintenance;

2. After the ice maker is installed, there should be enough space in the front, back, left, and right. At least 50cm space should be left at the left, right and back for ventilation and heat dissipation. An open space should be left in front for ice collection. The installation site should be dedicated and cannot be mixed with other sites in order to keep the space clean;

3. During the use of the ice maker, a special person should be assigned to manage it, and it must be trained before it can be used. The operating conditions of the ice machine must be monitored every day.

4. Every three months of operation, the condenser of the cbfi ice machine should be cleaned in order to fully dissipate heat and prevent the output of the ice maker from attenuating and the ice making system pressure is too high. When cleaning, it is necessary to prevent water splashes and damage the voltage parts. Every six months of operation, the ice system and water pump of the ice making mechanism should be cleaned. Neutral cleaning fluid should be used when cleaning. At the same time, the relevant bearings of the ice machine should be filled with lubricating oil;

5. When the cbfi ice machine runs for 30,000 hours, the system will automatically stop. At this time, the gear box and ice making system of the ice maker must be maintained. The contents include: gear box lubricating oil replacement, ice knife spindle bearing replacement, Replacement of various water seals and oil seals. At the same time, the refrigeration system is maintained, and the above work must be completed by professionals.
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