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The upgrade of industrial cold water machine

The upgrading of industrial cold water machine from two aspects, hardware, technology improvement.

technology are mainly concentrated in ascension, temperature, volume, amount of cold. The data are internal cause, directly affects the effect of the cold water machine. And from the power consumption, energy consumption, energy saving, energy conversion, improve the external cause, these are the internal cause of ascension, and directly influence the effect of cold water machine.

lowest temperature, 186 degrees below zero has done, the data has been the lowest, at present the market is not the temperature, the ancestors step, first create the ultra-low temperature cold water machine, temperature of the part with the requirements of the user's demand, and in the process of use, improve the quantity of cold, not only has the lowest temperature, and the largest amount of cold, let double the value of cold water machine again. Have the guarantee of the amount of the cold, low temperature request, sent back in a bigger space in capacity, in order to meet the needs of industrial cold water machine, have made a great progress, the capacity of large equipment such as, space, large reservoirs, water tank, can deal with, welcome have the needs of customers to visit.

energy consumption has been the use of the product value measure, reduce the energy consumption and reducing expenditure also has always been the pursuit of the new civilization, cold water machine, low carbon high energy and environmental protection, also has good performance on energy consumption, power relative to the products on the market, less, better on energy conversion, use stability. Energy save, in improving the interface on the material, pay attention to detail, to increase energy residency, will increase the equipment, improve the service life, use effect.

industrial cold water machine, has been in progress, never dare to stop.
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