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The unknown 'secret' of the ice machine

The unknown 'secret' of the ice maker    During the working process of the    ice maker, it is a device that uses water to cool the refrigerant in the evaporator to produce ice. It can only be made into ice cubes when it is powered on. The principle and production method of the ice machine evaporator are different, so the shapes of the ice cubes produced are also different, so there will be a variety of ice shapes such as snowflakes, granules, and cubes.   Thermal insulation materials:    Many ice machine manufacturers choose low-quality thermal insulation materials in order to reduce production costs. Thermal insulation materials directly depend on the ice making effect of the ice maker. Therefore, high-quality Tube Ice Machine manufacturers use advanced thermal insulation materials, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly during use, and have good thermal insulation effects, which can maintain the phenomenon that ice cubes will not melt for a long time.  Refrigeration compressor:   The quality of the compressor needs to be paid attention to in the process of purchasing an Tube Ice Machine. A cost-effective refrigeration compressor can increase the service life of the refrigeration compressor, especially whether the kinetic energy of the refrigeration compressor is damaged and the heat rejection is reasonable.  The more important thing is the amount of ice making:   According to our experience in producing ice machines, I will tell you that the larger the amount of ice machines, the more functions of the product will be correspondingly. Product specifications and ice storage capacity, but also consider the rated current or frequency, these factors are related to the safety of the ice machine, whether the entire ice machine has overvoltage or overcurrent protection, the whole equipment has automatic protection function, use The cycle is longer.  Related reading: Detailed analysis of the actual operation of the laboratory ice maker
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