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The uniform stability of the cryogenic refrigerator

Uniform stability of cryogenic refrigerator validation, the validation method is: such as cryogenic refrigerator temperature stability to the preset temperature refrigerator - After 86 ℃, cryogenic refrigerator into 3 species of various strains of a 20 cryopreserved spores run 10 d, any callout AIDCS monitoring software within 48 h of continuous running data report, the time interval of 1 min, it is concluded that the data, because of too much data only pick in each layer of a testing point, time interval data statistics for 8 h. Count from the upper layer to the first floor.

by analyzing data from each testing point temperature range in & plusmn; Between 1 ℃, the temperature fluctuation is not big, in the normal range, explain the ultra-low temperature freezer uniform stability is good. But the fourth floor of a slightly higher temperature than the ultra-low temperature freezer set temperature 5 ℃ or so, analysis the reason should be the most lower level and the cryogenic refrigerator compressor running equipment such as nearest, cause the measured temperature is higher than cryogenic refrigerator set temperature. Normally when depositing strains not put strains on the bottom, to ensure the environment of strains for uniform stability.
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