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The three elements of Tian Feng sharing: cold water machine the choose and buy

Share the choose and buy high performance/price ratio, and how to choose and buy of the cold water machine, cold water machine the three elements:

1, cold water machine the choice of key parts, compressor is the main influence shadow industrial ice machine performance indicators, a lot of cold water plant in the process of production, to control the overall cost of production, main part of the compressor for the poor quality of products, there are even using a refurbished compressor, serious impact on water use efficiency, in the late due to the increasing energy consumption.

2, users according to their own environmental purchasing cold water machine; Water quality and air quality has certain influence on the operation of the cold water machine, be sure to tell the cold water factory in advance their companies the location of water quality and air quality condition.

3, control purchasing cost, on the premise of guarantee the cold water main, at a higher price to buy suits own cold water machine equipment, can achieve the purpose of cost reduction, with the least amount of funds to meet production requirements of the cold water machine products.

cold water machine:
come in many forms, like ice maker machine and ice maker machine, and they all provide efficient solution for our ice maker machine needs.
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