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The three characteristics of cold water machine

The choice of industrial cold water machine should be mainly the following:

1, the temperature is 5 degrees cold water machine, ( 20 degrees 15 degrees) And if a NWS - 10 ac cooling water machine for cold water machine per hour standard flow for 3. Five cubic.

2, when you try this cold water machine can not only see the cold water machine the flow principle, also look at how much is the temperature you need, if you try from 28 degrees to the temperature of 7 degrees, if you try out cold water machine temperature difference is very big, it can reduce the chilled water flow per hour, from 3. Five cubic down to more than one square. So if you want 3 per hour. Five cubic you are about to choose a larger aircraft.

3, during the probation cold water machine, want to see you are direct cooling, or indirect cooling, direct cooling is directly into the water chillers, frozen water cooling inside out directly to you need the product, so the effect will be better, so the indirect cooling such as put the water in the basin, the basin above in a small basin, small basin to the cooling of the product is put inside, this effect is less, you at the time of selecting machine, must want to consider in this area.

cold water process theory is very popular in recent years, the application is also involved in all walks of life, and in the field of development, it also shows the cold water industry development trend of the future in general, the prospect one be bright!
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