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The temperature of the compressor and water chiller

Water condensation area is not enough, compressor exhaust temperature is too high, the cooling water distribution inequality also can make the condensing temperature or condensing pressure.
in evaporation under the condition of constant temperature, condensation temperature or higher condensing pressure, compressed H machine pk/p. Increases, resulting in a decrease of the refrigerating capacity of the compressor, power consumption increases, so the condensation temperature had a great influence on the working efficiency of the refrigeration unit. Each from 860. Power consumed by a number of cold energy of 76 kw, in a straight line to increase as the condensing temperature increases. Condensation temperature values shall be determined by economic and technical analysis, comprehensive consideration. When the evaporation temperature - 1 to 5 ℃, ammonia refrigerating machine respectively in 30 & # 39; C、35' C、40' C under the condensation temperature of operation. Assuming that the compressor suction artificial dry saturated steam, calculation can be seen - are obtained Increased as the condensing temperature increased, the exhaust temperature, decrease of the chiller refrigerating capacity and power consumption increased. When the condensation temperature is exorbitant, not only make the machine run home, easy to cause accident, and make the work efficiency and the compressor refrigeration equipment of gas transmission coefficient reduced t shaft power, thus increase the cost of production. Both in terms of safety, or from energy saving point of view, should strive to use low temperature, the sufficient water quantity, good water quality, and choose a reasonable way such as condenser, adjust the refrigeration system under the lower condensing pressure T, adopting low condensation temperature is reasonable.
the compressor suction temperature ( Pressure) With the exhaust temperature ( Pressure)
suction temperature depends on the evaporation temperature, cold water machine back to the length of the trachea, pipe insulation and outside temperature and other conditions. The effect is better. But in order to ensure the safety of the compressor operation, and prevent the liquid, and get back to the gas pipe insulation cost is not high, allow the suction temperature a bit overheated. General suction temperature higher than the evaporation temperature 5 - 15℃。 The compressor suction temperature, is to check the evaporator working condition and returned to the ~ of a sign of gas pipe insulation. Evaporation temperature is constant, suction temperature is too high, explain to overheating, will increase, the industrial ice machine vapor specific volume of flow down, refrigerating capacity reduction, exhaust temperature. Breathe in the cause of the high temperature are: expansion valve opening is too small, lack of refrigerant in the system of circulation t back to gas pipe insulation performance is bad or damaged, etc.
the compressor suction temperature is too low, is caused by a refrigerant evaporation not goddess, is also the precursor of the wet stroke, should avoid as far as possible. Depends on the refrigerant evaporating pressure and condensing pressure, temperature and suction gas dryness, it is one of the symbols of the degree of refrigeration system parameter adjustment right. Exhaust temperature is proportional with the compression ratio and suction temperature, compression ratio, the greater the inhale the higher the degree of superheat, the exhaust temperature is higher. Which caused by various reasons of condensation pressure, evaporation pressure reduction, and compressor itself because of the suction superheat is too big, Such as water cooling jacket for water, emptying valve or security by-pass valve.
compressor cooling water machine for temperature control and temperature change can look for patterns in the data. Of course the influence of the condenser is also very big.
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