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The temperature control of industrial cold water machine

Cause the cooling object achieving and maintaining the temperature in the process called for, it is the ultimate goal of industrial cold water machine use, also is an important content of industrial cold water machine.
to maintain a constant temperature of the cooling, the means of industrial cold water machine the operation condition of the unit and the refrigerating effect outside conditions to meet the demand of the load change at any time, make the refrigerating capacity of the industrial cold water machine and always maintain the dynamic balance between load.
industrial cold water machine consists of a series of parts, from the control point of view, it includes multiple resistance capacity links, each link has its own time constant, there is a certain reaction lag, there are many interference factors, other industrial cold water machine the unit operation mode after stability returns over a period of time, no matter adopt what kind of control mode, temperature fluctuation of the cooling always inevitable, can only be raised according to the process of constant temperature control accuracy requirement, take corresponding control measures, will be the temperature of the cooling control in the permitted range.

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