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The structure principle of flake ice machine and precautions for use


  Flake ice machine is a kind of ice machine. According to the water source, it can be divided into fresh water flake ice machine, sea water flake ice machine, and generally industrial ice machine. What are the structural components of the flake ice machine? And what are the precautions for using the flake ice machine? The following editor will take you to understand the structure principle of the flake ice machine and the content of the precautions for use. Welcome everyone to read!

Structural principle of flake ice machine:

  The single flake ice machine includes the following four parts. A rough understanding of the structural principles and names of each part can greatly facilitate installation and future maintenance.

First, the evaporator.

  The evaporator is where the ice flakes are generated. The refrigerant in the refrigeration system exchanges heat with the water through the inner wall of the evaporator and absorbs a large amount of heat, so that the water flowing on the inner wall of the evaporator is rapidly cooled to a temperature below the freezing point and freezes instantly.

Second, water supply circulation device.

  The water supply circulation device includes a water tank, a pump, a water supply pipe, a water tray, and a water tray flow trough. The specific flow route of the water is: the water flow from the external water source enters the water tank, and there is a float valve in the water tank to control the water level in the water tank. If there is too much water, the water tank will be discharged from the overflow port, so be sure to connect a drain pipe at the overflow port to direct the water to the sewer system; the pump will lead the water from the water tank to the upper part of the cbfi ice machine unit, from the upper water supply opening , Inject water into the water tray, and evenly sprinkle it on the inner wall of the evaporator from the water tray; some of the water freezes, and the unfrozen water falls along the inner wall of the evaporating bucket into the receiving water tray, flows along the water guide groove, and flows into the water tank for recirculation .

Third, the spindle drive part.

   The low-speed rotation of the main shaft is driven by a motor with a reducer.

Four, ice scraping part.

   The scraper is fixed by the bracket extending from the upper and lower ends of the spindle. There are two forms of scraper. The one shown in the figure above is a spiral knife and the other is a harrow. Type knife, the corresponding ice machine structure is different, please pay attention to the product model.

The    blade cuts the ice layer along the inner wall of the evaporator, and the ice that reaches a certain thickness is peeled off the inner wall to form a certain uniform shape of ice. The ice cubes fall into the lower refrigerator from the ice cubes of the cbfi ice machine by gravity.

Precautions for the use of flake ice machine:

   1. The flake ice machine should be installed away from heat sources and no direct sunlight , In a well-ventilated place, the ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, so as to avoid poor heat dissipation of the condenser due to high ambient temperature, which will affect the ice making effect. When installing the flake ice machine, the ground should be firm and level, and the ice machine must be kept level, otherwise it will cause no ice removal and noise during operation.

   2. The gap between the back and the left and right sides of the flake ice machine is more than 30cm, and the gap between the upper part is more than 60cm, using independent power supply, dedicated line power supply, equipped with fuse and leakage protection switch, Must be reliably grounded.

   3. The water used by the flake ice machine should meet the national drinking water standards, and be equipped with a filter device to filter impurities in the water to avoid clogging the pipeline, polluting the sink and ice mold. And affect ice making performance.

  4. When transporting the flake ice machine, please handle it carefully to prevent severe vibration. The handling slope should not be less than 45 degrees. After long-distance transportation, the flake ice machine should be placed 2-6 The machine ice can only be opened after hours.

  5. Turn off the power when cleaning the flake ice machine. It is strictly forbidden to clean the body directly with the water pipe, scrub with neutral detergent, and it is strictly forbidden to corrode with acid, alkali, etc. Solvent cleaning.

  6. The flake ice machine must rotate the water inlet hose head for two months to clean the water inlet valve filter to avoid sand and mud impurities in the water from blocking the water inlet and reducing the water inlet , Resulting in no ice making.

  7. The dust on the surface of the condenser must be cleaned up every two months. Poor condensation heat dissipation can damage compressor parts. When cleaning, the dust on the condensation surface should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a small brush, and sharp metal tools should not be used to clean it, so as not to damage the condenser.

   8. The tube, sink, refrigerator and protective sheet of the flake ice machine should be cleaned once every two months. When not in use, it should be cleaned, the ice mold and the moisture in the refrigerator should be blown dry with a hair dryer, and placed in a non-corrosive gas, ventilated and dry place, and avoid open storage.

   Thank you for reading. The above is an introduction to the structure principle of the flake ice machine and the precautions for use. Part of the content comes from the Internet and is for reference only. If you want to know more about the details of the flake ice machine, please call for detailed inquiry, and we will be happy to help you.

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