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The spectrometer cold water machine

Spectrometer is widely used in air pollution, water pollution, food hygiene testing, metal industry, etc. And the emergence of the spectrometer cold water machine is running in order to solve the spectrometer heat effects in the process of its application, the effect of the spectrometer cold water machine greatly improved the working conditions of the spectrometer, improve the efficiency of the spectrometer. One of the spectrometer cold water machine belongs to cold water machine.

spectrometer industrial ice machine into the water tank, circulating water pump, refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, cooling fan and cooling controller and other related parts and control device.

spectrometer cold water machine working principle:

spectrometer chiller water tank through the circulating pump of cooling water in the work, in the spectrometer and the compressor refrigeration system cycle between the evaporator. Spectrometer cold water machine the heat generated by the work after the compressor refrigeration system of refrigeration cycle ultimately into the air. Corresponding control device can control according to the requirements of setting the parameters of the compressor refrigeration system, cooling water temperature of the cold water machine to ensure spectrometer always is controlled in the range of the most appropriate.

spectrometer industrial ice machine advantage: in order to ensure the stability, safety operation of the spectrometer cold water machine. Spectrometer cold water machine also has the circulating water flow detection alarm and overtemperature alarm, automatically adjust the water temperature and other advanced features.

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