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The snow machine must be maintained every day to be healthy

Snow making machines are widely used in our lives, but how can we make snow making machines guarantee our quality and reduce investment costs? That is the maintenance of the snow machine equipment, let’s take a look at it together: 1. Daily maintenance of the snow machine: We need to develop a regular maintenance plan for the snow machine equipment. This maintenance plan includes maintenance and repair. , The purpose of this is to ensure that the snow machine is in a good technical state and can be put into operation at any time, reducing downtime of failures, improving the integrity and utilization of the crusher, reducing the wear of the crusher, and extending the service life of the crusher. 2. Remove oil and dust on the surface of the snow machine. 3. Remove the air filter and clean the filter screen (sponge) with gasoline. 4. Check whether the oil pipe joints are leaking, whether the joint surface is leaking, and whether the compression is normal. 5. Check the external fastening screws of the snow machine, tighten them if they are loose, and make up if they fall off. 6. After maintenance, put the machine in a cool and dry place and cover it with plastic cloth or greased paper to prevent dust and oil from contaminating the machine, and prevent the magneto from being damp and heated, causing difficulty in starting the snow machine. It must be replaced every three months and the oil is changed. Clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to carefully clean the racetrack of the bearing rollers. The machine must be checked before working. The above is an introduction to the maintenance methods of the snow machine. We have more equipment maintenance methods here. Professionals will give lectures. Customers are welcome to visit and inspect.
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