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The separation of liquid ammonia as a refrigerant effect

Fails to be a temporary storage of liquid ammonia liquid separator at among them, stay level reach highs temporarily stop the compressor operation, the pressure will row liquid drainage barrels. Used for gas secondary separation of krypton liquid separator, don't need to its internal recirculation, it is separated from a different ammonia liquid separator.

oxygen liquid separator between the evaporator and the determination of height difference. In the engineering design of ammonia liquid separator and height difference between evaporator should be according to the evaporator and the liquid pipe of refrigerant trade condition to determine the resistance. The height difference is too small will make for bo's; The pressure difference between the high fork affects the evaporation temperature of refrigerant in the evaporator. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal order of the can to the evaporator for liquid, fork not seriously affect the evaporation temperature, in principle, the height difference of static pressure after overcoming the total resistance, residual pressure differential impact on evaporation temperature is less than 1 ℃. Table 1 2 is liquid column height on the influence of the evaporation temperature, the table can be seen, in a low temperature fluid column in the system of evaporation temperature influence is bigger, so is the economy. In order to reduce the influence of liquid column on the evaporation temperature, and height difference of l - 2 evaporator into separate ammonia liquid separator, typically hydrogen liquid separator liquid level is higher than the top tube evaporator l ~ 2 m for good t often take the lSm. The ammonia liquid separator in the cross-sectional area about twice of the liquid into the tube. When using D38mm pipe cooling row tube, each length shall not exceed l20m GongDu road.

the advantages and disadvantages of gravity feed liquid

with ammonia liquid separator & middot; In the case of evaporator load is stable avoid the compressor wet stroke; But when the load changes of Dijon refrigeration compressor working point choose not to at that time, due to the increasing of the second liquid, liquid separator of hydrogen normal { Night is difficult to stabilize, refrigeration compressor is a possibility of a wet compression.

high pressure liquid hydrogen as the cold water machine refrigerant throttling flash gas are completely separated, after entering the evaporator, which is completely liquid, to avoid the flash gas influence on heat transfer, the evaporator can play bigger efficiency.

in the evaporator few sets of small refrigeration device, on the one hand, by uniform pipe resistance equilibrium, achieving a uniform fluid for five of the other party cocoa by setting the gas-liquid points cut-off valve adjustments of the adjustment on the pathway for fluid volume, to reach even the fluid, the elevation difference is big, but in the evaporator set number, piping complex large refrigeration devices to do uniform fluid production is very difficult, and in the long evaporator for liquid ammonia in the pipeline yi to gasification

liquid column height affect evaporation temperature, especially when the low evaporation temperature range, especially influence, thus unfavorable use this way of fluid for low temperature system. For sharing a oxygen elevation of multiple sets of evaporator liquid separator, lower evaporation temperature of the evaporator will be badly affected.

low pressure liquid industrial ice machine in the evaporator and the pipe inner loop, relying on its relative to the evaporator liquid level difference of the potential energy as power, its velocity is generally slower, and industrial ice machine and heat release in the wall between the inner surface of the coefficient, evaporation wetting of the pipe inner surface area of the proportion of the total evaporation area is small, therefore, the total evaporator heat transfer intensity is low. As ammonia liquid separator sets more, at the same time, the fork to separate each special gas and liquid regulating station, which makes the system more complex. Due to the installation position is higher than the evaporator liquid hydrogen separator, cold storage within the main body of ammonia liquid separator which is set to private room, this not only increases the construction cost, and from the operating perspective, regulating station was scattered layout, operators need to often run and climb, increased a lot of work.

from the above analysis, the force of gravity for hydraulic system is superior to the direct liquid system, but at the same time, there are many difficult to overcome shortcomings, except in our country, so, type way outside of the refrigeration unit has been rarely used for liquid.
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