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The selection of air cooled and water-cooled cold water machine

Cold water machine is a vapour compression or absorption cycle, energy saving machine refrigeration effect, known as the cooling water circulation machine.

cold water machine according to the cooling way is divided into air-cooled chiller and water cooled industrial ice machine. When we first use cold water machine the first consideration should be its refrigerating capacity and its cost and use fixed number of year. In general, the compressor running time is 1000 hours to 3000 hours, cooling tower and pump running time corresponding to 1400 hours to 4200 hours. So for the use fixed number of year in the same brand of spare parts is roughly the same. In terms of cost and use fixed number of year of air-cooled unit on initial investment to lower than the initial investment of water-cooled unit refrigeration unit is slightly higher than that of water chilling unit, power consumption of the chillers but comprehensive annual fee and water chilling unit flat or slightly lower. Only in unit operation time is very long, water chilling unit is possible in the future more slowly that part of the investment. , of course, the use of cold water machine will be slightly affected by the weather, the weather temperature relatively high in the north in the south, for example, the conditions of the cooling water is not good, so it's best to choose air-cooled water chillers.
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