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The sea cucumber lyophilizer

Sea cucumber lyophilizer is one of the square the lyophilizer, freeze-dried sea cucumber, and to ensure that the nutritional value.

the sea cucumber and trepang, HaiShu, sea cucumber, eggplant, since the ancient times are very rare and precious Marine animals, already has a history of 600 million years, named after the deep tonic effect, its name is comparable to ginseng, sea cucumber's condition at that time also not easy to get, and ginseng as rare, and the meat is delicious, tender and refreshing, a typical high protein, low adipose food, abundant taste full figure making, decorous emotional appeal, has always been a delicious cuisine is famous for its name, in China, also known as the Chinese soul.

a variety of features and value of sea cucumber, so great and meaningful market, was chased by numerous merchants and the vast majority of the people. But, because of the geographical position, the delicious food in addition to rapid cryopreservation, only the lyophilization process.

quick-freeze is insurance delicious good way to handle it, but because of China's cold chain transport system is not mature, so save not the first time in the prerequisite of delicious frozen temperature down to transport, so in addition to the coastal areas and some special area around farms, want to be late for great taste of the sea cucumber, is not so easy.

another technique, is the main product & ndash; — The sea cucumber the lyophilizer. The lyophilizer technology is able to directly solve the problem of storage, transportation and cost. The invention of the is really contribute to food promotion.

the sea cucumber can be rough statistics to the depths of the sea, the more rich nutrition and taste, also hard to come by, also contain more water. The more the high-grade product, the more the more strict with technology. High cost, avoid high risk. Sea cucumber lyophilizer, the biggest characteristic in addition to leading technology, a large quantity of cold, low temperature, running stability, temperature accuracy is rushing the characteristics of the lyophilizer. In view of the freeze-dried Yu Haican storage, if the moisture is higher than 5. 5%, the shop's value immediately devalued, moisture, mildew, metamorphism, organization state softening and so on a series of problems, directly cause serious economic losses. The product can be the best helper for you to solve this problem.

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