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The safety of ice machine cannot be ignored


   'Food is the heaven for the people, and safety is the first for food.' In recent times, various food safety 'doors' incidents have continuously exploded, causing consumers to worry about food safety and causing concerns about food hygiene. Special attention.

  As a household ice machine that is used more frequently, improper use is also a major hidden danger to health. So what are the hidden health hazards in refrigerator ice production?

  Noodles, let’s first understand what safety and hygiene measures are required to make edible ice in the food safety standards. First of all, water Need to go through coarse filtration, microporous filtration, activated carbon filtration, and then use ultraviolet sterilization, ultrafiltration and other processes before entering the cbfi ice machine. In addition, the water pipes, water storage tanks, and refrigerators of the cbfi ice machine also need to be cleaned regularly Work (usually 2 months).

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