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The role of the pressure in the cold water machine

The role of the pressure in the cold water machine. Currently on the market the cold water machine the pressure in the process of using some deficiencies and defects, such as: not according to the requirements by adjusting bolt to adjust the interior of the liquid pressure, and in the use of adjustment bolt is not easy to see when the adjustment bolt position, sometimes in regulating adjusting bolt can fall out from inside the device, and the performance of the device for liquid cooling.

in the refrigeration, cold water machine liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and began to evaporate, the ultimate formed certain temperature difference between refrigerant and water, liquid refrigerant also completely evaporate into a gas compressor suction and after compression, gaseous industrial ice machine absorbs heat through the condenser, condensed into liquid, through the thermal expansion valve throttle into low temperature low pressure refrigerant entering the evaporator, after completing the process of refrigerant cycle, there are many pressure in the process of cooling, thermal expansion valve is to adjust the machine internal liquid pressure, and makes the machine can run normally in the process of an important component.

voltage stabilizer including body cold water machine, air box cover, and the body side set at the top of the liquid into the mouth, the bottom of the liquid into the mouth with heat sink, with adjusting cap at the bottom of the body, and the interior of the body through a drive rod, the body's internal installation, a valve core and valve core is installed at the bottom of the spring, equipped with adjusting bolts on the bottom of the spring, and the adjusting bolt below the setting with baffle, baffle external Settings have to adjust.
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