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The role of the infrared probe of the flake ice machine

The infrared probe of the flake industrial ice maker, commonly known as the through-beam switch, consists of two infrared probes in a straight line. The main functions are: 1. Control the stop function when the ice is full. When the ice flakes produced by the flake industrial ice maker accumulate at the height designed for the ice storage, the infrared sensor senses that the ice is full, and immediately transmits instructions to the PLC controller, and then the flake ice machine stops working. 2. If the infrared control fails, the flake industrial ice maker will not stop working, and the ice will be made without stopping the machine when the ice is full. The accumulation of flake ice will block the ice making evaporator, causing the ice skates to be stuck or the motor of the reducer will be burned. Damage to the evaporator. When installing the infrared light, it must be in a straight line, and the infrared sensor must not be blocked, otherwise the infrared sensor will not work.
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