The role of the cooling water machine for laser cutting machine

by:CBFI     2020-10-04
To say the effect of cooling water machine for laser cutting machine, must first understand the working principle of the laser cutting machine, laser generated by laser and the mirror is passed on and pick up mirror shine through to the processing items, make the machining surfaces by strong heat and temperature increase sharply, the cutting point quickly due to high temperature melting or vaporization, cooperate with the operation of the laser path so as to achieve the purpose of processing.

in laser cutting machine to work normally under the conditions of both the laser and laser will produce a lot of heat, which requires the laser head and laser cooling to improve the use performance and working life of related spare parts. Through the cold water machine with low temperature of cooling water to cool the laser cutting machine, and then back into the water tank, cold water machine refrigeration again for laser cutting machine, cycle, can complete the laser and laser cooling, can effectively save costs, reduce energy consumption.

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