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The role of ice cube machine

We must maintain the principles of people-oriented and tranquility. The ice cube machine emergency rescue must always put the safety and health of employees in the first place, effectively enhance the safety and security of emergency rescue staff, and minimize the risk of staff casualties caused by machine injuries. Pay attention to defense and strengthen exercise. Work hard to implement the goal of 'secure, precaution-oriented, and comprehensive managementDevelop training and teachings, construct emergency practice training, and make unremitting efforts to improve employees' emergency awareness and emergency skills. Same leadership, hierarchical hard work, and understanding of obligations. The emergency rescue work of machine damage and chaos is led by the company, and the project department and project team work hard at all levels. Emergency rescue staff should understand their responsibilities and perform emergency medical treatment duties. Reconcile each other and react quickly. The team of the project department must cooperate closely and cooperate with each other to ensure the real-time declaration, accurate transmission, and rapid processing of machine damage and chaotic information, and the emergency plan for response will be initiated at the first time. Relying on superstition and legal examples. Abide by the rules of superstition, give full play to the influence of experts, and realize superstitious democratic decision-making. Relying on the advancement of science and technology, we will continue to make perfect emergency rescue measures, measures and skills. Emergency rescue work must be modeled in accordance with the law to ensure the superstition, authority and maneuverability of the plan. The hazard monitoring is based on national and industrial standards, combined with the actual production status, specific identification of the hazard sources of machine damage in the office, living area, and control area, and evaluation of secondary hazards. In response to the huge source of danger, we will take response steps and plans, and carry out supervision and control. The basic security request for machine damage and disorder: configure clear handling precautions in various processing measures similar to those; work hard and strictly implement the three-level teachings to improve the security awareness and protection skills of all employees. Operators must be familiar with the functions of the machine measures and precise processing and operation methods, and strictly implement the quiet operation regulations; the ice cube machine must be checked regularly. The grinding wheel should be free of cracks and other shortcomings. The grinder must be equipped with a steel plate guard
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