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The role of flake ice machine in the mine

The temperature rises to about 37 degrees when the underground drops 800 meters. The underground mine tunnels have harsh operating conditions, high temperatures, toxic and harmful gases, and no air circulation. Using a flake industrial ice maker to cool the mine is one of the common methods, simple and convenient, and can continuously cool the mine. The role of coal mines Coal mines are prone to produce flammable gas, once the mine temperature rises, it is easy to explode, and the mine collapses in serious safety accidents. The cooling of flake ice can avoid the explosion of flammable gas. The mine is cooled to ensure a comfortable environment for the machine and staff. The temperature is high and the machine is prone to failure. The staff is prone to heatstroke and so on. Every time the temperature increases by 1℃, the mine production efficiency decreases by 6-8%. In the mining working face below -800m, the working face exceeded 30℃ in the three months of summer, and the temperature of the coal road driving working face was as high as 32℃ and 33℃. Eczema and heat stroke occurred from time to time, which seriously affected the physical and mental health of employees And safety in production, and cause damage to electromechanical equipment, affecting production efficiency and construction safety. People are the foundation of an enterprise, and heatstroke prevention and cooling is an important part of the prevention and control of occupational diseases in coal mines and the basic work of safe production. More practical cases show that the use of flake ice in deep mines to cool down can achieve the best effective control of the internal temperature of the mine. The entire system is mainly composed of the surface ice making system, the ice transportation and melting system and the underground cold transportation and cooling system. The actual underground cooling and cooling system is an open system, that is, the return water flows back to the melting ice pool. Since the dust prevention water in the mining area is a small amount of water, it can be connected from the cold water supply pipeline for dust prevention and spraying on the working face. Leaching and cooling, thereby effectively reducing the downhole ambient temperature and improving production efficiency. Ensure the safe operation of underground mines. Simple mine cooling
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