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The role of capillary in cold water machine and its principle

Capillary as refrigerant flow control element, capillary is a kind of simple structure, it is widely used in refrigeration equipment, such as cold water machine.

between capillary in the condenser and evaporator, cold water machine using industrial ice machine flow resistance in the long and thin tube day leave antihypertensive effect. Because no high pressure accumulator in system, so the refrigerant filling quantity is little, a few cases on the suction side of a small set of liquid package. Capillary is not like a thermal expansion valve in the scope of work and effective work of the looser, it only work in the given conditions play the desired effect, its main advantages are simple, cheap, but in a larger unit it has been widely applied as thermal expansion valve, the design, device and capillary sizes of matching, and the filling quantity of industrial ice machine system must pass a trial to confirm, otherwise can't use. Moreover, the capillary outlet can produce jet noise, these are its disadvantages.

there are two categories in the process of the heat of refrigerant by capillary. If the capillary without heat exchange with the outside world, Adiabatic capillary) For the adiabatic expansion process. If the capillary with heat exchange with the outside world, there is a heat exchange of capillary, in which refrigerant through the expansion of the exothermic process.

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