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The rising domestic compressor brand

After decades of development, the gap between domestic compressors and European and American brands is constantly narrowing. Take screw compressors as an example. Shanghai Hanbell's screw compressors are comparable in performance to European and American brands. Its compressor is the standard compressor of Bingquan Refrigeration's large and medium-sized ice-making equipment, which has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. In recent years, compressor companies have complained to us that with the same performance, Party A has recognized the international brands and waved their hands again and again at the sound of domestic production. Nowadays, many end users even call companies to indicate that they want domestic brands of compressors. Behind this change, in addition to the price advantage, it is more reflected in the continuous solid internal strength of domestic enterprises and the deep cultivation of technology. In 2018, the Cold Expo market visited Zhejiang Commercial Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. to see how this old state-owned enterprise has a lasting charm? He Zicheng, general manager of the Commercial Machinery Factory, said: 'The domestic semi-enclosed piston machine market has spent the past two years fighting prices and dividing the market. Our company's semi-enclosed products have been continuously researching and developing in terms of product performance, durability, and reliability. Investment, it can be said that each of our products is carefully crafted.' It is understood that the commercial machinery factory has repeatedly introduced foreign advanced semi-hermetic compressor technology and production technology, and the main components are made by American 'CINCINNATI' CNC machining center, American 'Fadal' vertical (CNC) machining center, numerical control (NC) machine processing, and the use of the United States 'Gi ddings Lewis' manufacturing three-coordinate (CNC) measuring instrument for testing; products are shipped in strict accordance with the national standard Requirements, high-efficiency compressor automatic assembly line, Zheshangji has four advanced semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor computer (CNC) performance testing equipment. This ensures that the product has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, stable performance, and long service life. In addition, the commercial machinery factory also has a scientific quality management system, and has passed the international ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, and has passed the semi-hermetic piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, condensing compressor unit, and water chiller. The production license was checked and accepted, and it obtained the CRAA certification, the highest authoritative certification in my country's refrigeration industry, and the production license for type II pressure vessels. In the field of compressors, another hot spot in recent years is that domestic screw brands have been pouring into the market. Xueying, as an old state-owned enterprise, chooses both cautiously and boldly. In 2013, the commercial machinery factory developed the first refrigeration screw, and used it in a specific channel and collected data for 3 years, during which it continued to improve and improve. Until the various indicators and performance of the screw compressor reached the international advanced level of screw refrigeration conditions, it was officially supplied to the market in 2017. 'Screw compressor customers are faced with large projects. We dare not use customers as test products. Our quality requirements for refrigerated screw products are: there is no best but better. The company has sold various types of screws in the past year. There are more than 600 products, and the first domestic permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion semi-hermetic refrigeration screw compressor was launched this year. In order to ensure the processing accuracy of screw products, the body and rotor seat of our screw compressors are all passed through our own processing center equipment Production. At the same time, the company also has the current domestic advanced screw compressor performance test bench. For all screw compressors manufactured by the company, each must be tested strictly, and the responsibility to the customer has been implemented in each production process. 'Commercial Machinery Factory Sales The company’s deputy general manager Jiang Ningnan pointed out that the performance test of some domestic semi-hermetic screw products in the medium and low temperature conditions found that the cooling capacity, energy consumption and COP value are quite different from their stated values. Some domestic brand screw compressors In the medium and low temperature conditions, the cooling capacity decreases and the energy consumption increases. Regarding the current development of compressors, Li Yiqiang, chairman of Qianghua Information, believes: 'From the data point of view, 50, 70, and 90P screws are used the most, and the mainstream piston market is 10-40P, so the screw has little effect on the piston. The scroll has a relatively strong impact on the piston. Domestic piston companies have annual sales of tens of thousands, and basically 100 screws. This gap is large and the opportunities are also large. We will wait and see the development of Xueying's screw compressors. .'
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