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Energy saving refrigeration solution supplier since 2004.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


The purchase standard of CBFI flake ice machine and the items that need regular inspection!


What are the purchase criteria for CBFI flake ice machines?

Before buying a best flake ice machine, you must first understand your equipment needs, site, output, cost, etc., and then you must understand the working principle of the flake ice machine.

The compressor of the flake ice machine inhales and compresses the refrigerant, compresses the refrigerant into a high temperature and high pressure liquid state, cools it through the condenser, throttles and evaporates the expansion valve, exchanges heat through the ice making bucket, and quickly reduces the water flowing through it into ice, the compressor , condenser, expansion valve, evaporator (ice bucket) are the four main components. When purchasing, you should understand the equipment configuration, choose a powerful ice maker, and choose a brand flake ice machine with a good reputation in the industry.

The compressor of the power part of the flake ice machine accounts for 20% of the equipment cost. It is necessary to choose a compressor with a brand, reliable quality and industry approval. The evaporator is the main component of the ice making equipment. The quality and output of the evaporator and the ice making The performance of the machine is closely related, the stainless steel material is very expensive, the small skills in the selection of materials, the evaporator must be selected from the ice factory, and the evaporator can be independently produced and designed to ensure the quality and after-sales.

The cooling method of flake ice machine is divided into two types: water cooling and air cooling. Its condensation efficiency will affect the output of the ice maker. Although the water tower cooling method has high efficiency, it has sufficient water source and large water consumption. The air cooler occupies a small space and does not require Water, the cooling efficiency is also very good, usually small-scale ice machines are air-cooled, and large-scale ice machines are cooled by water towers.

The expansion valve is known as the capillary tube, which throttles the normal temperature liquid refrigerant evaporator into a low-temperature vapor state through the refrigerant, and creates low-temperature conditions for the evaporator to freeze. Choose a strong ice maker manufacturer with strong manufacturers, flake ice Machine(commercial ice flaker machine) is guaranteed. The factory can be customized according to customer needs to meet the needs of different situations.


Flake ice machine regular inspection items:

1. Check the oil level

Cleaning time: Check every six months.

Note: 1. Turn off the main power.

Operation method: 1. Check whether the oil level of the reducer is lower than 1/2 of the sight glass,

2. Change the lubricating oil every twelve months

2. Check the electrical part

Cleaning time: Check every six months.

Note: 1. Turn off the main power.

Operation method: 1. Check whether the contacts of the AC contactor and thermal relay have oxidation, poor contact and lack of phase.

2. Check whether the start/stop switch, emergency stop switch and travel switch are flexible.

3. Check the skates (professionals)

Cleaning time: Check every six months.

Note: Turn off the main power.

Operation method: 1. Use a feeler gauge to insert the ice blade and the inner wall of the evaporator to measure the distance between the two

2. The normal distance is: 0.10-0.20mm (below 3T)

Tools used: feeler gauge

The machine has not been running for a long time (more than 15 days of shutdown): Before starting the machine, be sure to check whether the parts, water supply and power supply are normal.

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