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The prospect and business model of ice maker in refrigeration equipment


  A representative type of equipment in China’s refrigeration industry is central air conditioners, refrigerators and laboratories, and industrial ice machines. Air conditioners and refrigerators are extremely common household appliances, while ice machines are more industrialized. It is better to say that it is the three major status quo of the refrigeration industry in China. After decades of development, my country's refrigeration industry has greatly improved both its production scale and technical level, and its role in the national economy is also growing. However, due to the wide range of application fields of refrigeration equipment, the requirements of different fields are also different. With the rapid development of various industries, the requirements for refrigeration equipment are getting higher and higher.

   From the current point of view, my country’s refrigeration industry still has three major shortcomings. One is the inability to digest and absorb the imported advanced foreign technology in a timely manner. In the industrial field, my country's refrigeration industry has contact with foreign countries relatively early. In the mid-1980s, my country began to introduce foreign advanced technology and established some joint ventures. But so far, the technological progress of my country's refrigeration industry is far from being able to meet the development needs of other industries, especially some cutting-edge technologies and products still cannot be independently developed.

   After the reform and opening up, a large number of imported products have flooded the domestic market, and because domestic products have not been updated and developed in time, the market share of original products has gradually been swallowed by foreign products. Second, the overall quality of the refrigerator industry needs to be improved. Like other domestic industries, the serious shortage of senior technicians in my country's refrigerator industry has become an indisputable fact. The third is insufficient investment in technology development funds, serious brain drain, and domestic brands are unknown. As we all know, the compressor is the most critical component of refrigeration equipment. But when it comes to compressors, the first thing people think of is Copeland in the United States. Their products are of excellent quality and have taken root in the market.

   And domestic manufacturers, in order to prove that their products are good and the quality is guaranteed, they always like to tell users this way: Our products use Copeland compressors. If things go on like this, there is already such a concept in the minds of Chinese people that only by using refrigeration equipment with foreign compressors can product quality be guaranteed. And the compressors of domestic brands will have no more 'days to come.'

  The reason for the above phenomenon is that my country's investment in technological development is insufficient and lack of funds. 'Assimilation, absorption, and innovation' are empty words. In addition, most domestic companies have short-term behaviors and like to do things that produce quick results, and they tend not to actively invest in technology that has a high investment that can only receive benefits after 5 or 10 years. In this respect, domestic companies are quite different from foreign companies.

The shape of ice cubes of    cbfi ice machine: cube, cylindrical, diamond, moon, snowflake, flake ice, ice brick, etc. The freezing point can reach below minus 20°C. The ice cubes are beautiful and not easy to stick into a ball, so it is convenient to use ice. The ice cube has high hardness and low temperature. The ice cube is crystal clear, not easy to melt, and cools items quickly. The stainless steel shell is luxurious and generous, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, durable craftsmanship, and efficient heat preservation performance. Microcomputer control, water intake, drainage, and ice making are fully automated, no special personnel are required to operate, and it is safe to use.

  The condensing system and the condensing temperature sensing device are scientifically configured, which can adapt to different ambient temperatures; ice mode sample preparation: ice-making by flowing water ice mold, which is currently the world's advanced ice-making method. The ice cubes are crystal clear, excellent in texture, and have a long-lasting cooling effect; automatic control: using integrated circuits, water supply, ice making, deicing, fault protection, etc., it is automatically completed, safe and convenient to use. The ice cube is adjustable: the thickness of the ice cube can be adjusted. Suitable for ice use in various occasions; energy-saving and high-efficiency.

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