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The product quality of refrigeration equipment using high-quality compressors is guaranteed


The quality of refrigeration equipment using high-quality compressors is guaranteed.

   As we all know, the compressor is the most critical component of refrigeration equipment. But when it comes to compressors, people first think of Copeland in the United States. The quality of its products is excellent and the market has deeply taken root.

   And domestic manufacturers, in order to prove that their products are good and the quality is guaranteed, they always like to tell users this way: the American Copeland compressors used in their products. Over time, the Chinese people have already had such a concept in their minds that only the refrigeration equipment using foreign compressors can guarantee the product quality. The domestic brands of compressors will have no future.

  The main reason for the above phenomenon is the lack of funds invested by the country in technological development, lack of funds, digestion, absorption, and innovation are empty words.

   In addition, most domestic companies have short-term behaviors and like to do things that produce quick results. However, for high-investment rice steamers, technology investments that can only receive benefits after 5 or 10 years are often not active. . In this aspect, there is a big difference between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises in the fresh-keeping workbench of rice steaming cabinets.

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