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The product quality level of the snowflake ice machine has a lot of room for improvement

In recent years, my country’s snowflake ice machine technology has developed rapidly. However, compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap in machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. In the research and development of snowflake ice machine , There is still a gap in the research on the energy efficiency level of ice making machines. There is still a lot of room for development in the future. From a macro point of view, my country should create more favorable conditions for the development of the snowflake ice machine industry in terms of the national policy of building an innovative country with a good environment. With the development of the industry and the continuous growth of the market, there have also been some problems in the national snowflake ice machine equipment industry. Problems such as production safety, false propaganda, low-price competition, and product quality have begun to appear. Some problems have already caused the development of the industry. Some negative influences, such as false propaganda, not only misled the understanding and judgment of government agencies and industry organizations on the market, but also deceived users who did not understand the snowflake ice machine equipment industry. These companies grab the market at low prices and use inferior products. Deceive customers and build an image with false propaganda. Snowflake ice maker adopts cubic design and curved door (or stainless steel door) with beautiful appearance. Snow ice maker integrates the advanced technology, professional technology and professional production of today's cbfi ice machine. It has stable quality and superior performance among similar products. Adopting rotary extrusion ice making method, eliminating the need for deicing process, saving time and energy; Adopting a unique row cavity evaporator, the ice making speed is fast, and the ice production efficiency is high. Unshaped small particles of ice can penetrate into narrow gaps, with uniform temperature and rapid cooling. High-tech enterprises should be supported, foster products with development potential developed by universities and scientific research institutes, and guide them to join forces with powerful enterprise groups to accelerate the industrialization of snowflake ice machines based on scientific research results. These fields should include mechatronics instrumentation that combines silicon micromachining technology, computer technology, and nanotechnology. The national policy of building an environment-friendly and innovative country has created a more rapid development of the ice machine industry and created favorable policy conditions. In recent years, China's snowflake ice machine technology has developed rapidly, but compared with developed countries, we There is still a lot of room for development in terms of machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. If China's compressor manufacturing level with independent intellectual property rights is further improved, and the snowflake ice machine heat exchanger and its processing accuracy and efficiency are further improved, its market share in the domestic and foreign markets will have a greater leap forward. The industry should focus on our existing problems such as poor processing accuracy and low material level, combined with further improvement of energy efficiency, research and development of environmentally friendly refrigerants, etc., through the combination of industry, university and research, put forward specific issues, and solve related technical problems as soon as possible. The overall development situation of many of the snowflake ice machines is stable and the development situation is good.
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