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The preparation of new technology of Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps mycelium producing

Chinese caterpillar fungus is one of the top 10 Chinese medicinal materials in our country, the traditional drying process is easy to cause the loss of active ingredients, with the emergence of vacuum freeze drying technology, to the maximum extent freeze-dried caterpillar fungus has kept its original nutrients, new technology of Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-dried also gradually be popularized.

cordyceps freeze-drying equipment is a kind of special used for the preparation of freeze-drying Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps sinensis, cordyceps producing vacuum freeze drying machine, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus application in cordyceps mycelia producing freeze-dried equipment, is the use of cordyceps sinensis was isolated by submerged fermentation of mycelium by vacuum freeze-drying preparation of cordyceps mycelium made by producing, its features mainly including the following steps: 1) Was isolated by submerged fermentation of cordyceps mycelium, first to precool; 2) Vacuum freeze drying; 3) Low temperature crushing under low humidity, thus obtains cordyceps mycelium producing.

by Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-drying equipment vacuum low temperature drying, material is not easy oxidation, quality is good, save time, maximum limit retained the original material of active ingredients and flavor.

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