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The position of ice cubes and nugget ice in coffee

The position of ice cubes and nugget ice in coffee


In Southeast Asia, many large coffee chains use nugget ice as their only option; coffee shops in South Korea use round ice as a method of cooling coffee; in the European market, most coffee shop owners tend to use round ice As the first choice; in the United States, the world's largest edible ice market, people prefer conventional ice cubes. However, in recent years, the nugget ice that can be chewed and has a smooth taste is more and more accepted by people in the US market. On the contrary, in China, most cafes are affected by traditional chain catering, and ice cubes is commonly used.

1、Characteristics and forming principles of ice cubes:

Ice cubes use the traditional flow-type ice-forming principle, so that the ice cubes can condense into ice in a short time, so it can provide a sufficient number of ice cubes to meet customer needs. And this is why many fast food restaurants will be keen to choose this type of ice machine, because they pursue fast production, and also expect customers to complete their meals quickly in a short period of time, thus providing the restaurant for the next customer. space. In order to meet the needs of a large number of ice cubes, the design principle of this type of ice maker equipment is relatively simple, and it will not be affected for drinks for 10-15 minutes. Therefore, the production cost is low and the process is simple, which is quite popular with many junior coffee users.



2、The characteristics of round ice and its forming principle

The round ice is formed by spraying. Because of the ultra-low temperature ice formation mode, the temperature of the evaporating tray of the ice cube is below -15 ℃, and it is naturally sprayed by the influence of gravity, so that the impurities in the water cannot adhere to the ice cube. To a large extent, it guarantees the safety of ice cubes.

3、Nugget  ice characteristics and forming principle


However, the nugget ice is squeezed out of the evaporation tray by the ice knife when it is just below the temperature below zero, and at the same time, it is recombined at low temperature. The resulting ice-shaped particles are uniform and compact, and the particle shape is small. It is placed with small water content and slow melting speed. More importantly, this type of nugget ice is particularly easy to chew like jelly, and when you chew the nugget ice, you can also feel the taste of the beverage mixed in the ice cube, making it a flavored nugget ice.


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