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The pharmaceutical in the lyophilizer sterilization ( SIP) Sterilization temperature of 121 ° C

The pharmaceutical in the lyophilizer sterilization ( SIP) The freeze-drying box and cold trap of pressure vessel design and manufacture in accordance with standards. Inner surface can withstand 121 equipment & deg; C( 1. 3巴格) The saturated steam sterilization. Enclosure, and the door is all wet surface material of cold trap AISI316L stainless steel. Primary around the bolt the door is locked by the lock of the door is locked, driven by is located in the machine room of cylinder locks, this structure to avoid the sliding bolt locks that may occur to produce particles as well as from the aseptic environment brings the risk of cross contamination. The operation of the automatic door lock lock with certain conditions, through the button to start.

enclosure, and the door is the outer surface of the cold trap with glass fiber insulation materials, and metal plate coated with polymer foam materials.

the sterilization process automatic control, based on the casing pressure and body temperature, cold trap and filter outlet. Once these points reach the set temperature, the temperature of steam sterilization time began. If the temperature is lower than the user setting, set to start the sterilization process. Installed on the box body and a cold trap pressure transmitter is used to control the steam supply.

a water ring pump in the sterilization process, air and moisture away from the system, at the same time after the sterilization to drying system. Used for the control of vacuum sterile sterile air filter module (nitrogen or air Such as providing) Enter the body. Filter and shell can be in sterilization. Filter shell and related pipeline heat preservation can ensure the sterilization temperature, reduce condensation and help dry late in the sterilization process.

by SCADA control system of PLC is up and sterilization procedures. The user can set to control the temperature and time on the control system. In order to minimize the users into the drainage system of steam, steam cooling system of hot waste water produced in the process of SIP waste steam spray. In order to increase the data records related to the SIP, provide recorder at 12 o 'clock. Use polishing, clean diaphragm valve instead of the standard butterfly valve. Enclosure/cold trap discharge valve, vacuum pump and the vacuum valves, etc. Do not use the diaphragm valve.

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