The operation of lithium bromide absorption chiller

by:CBFI     2020-10-17
The operation of the steam libr absorption industrial ice machine:

steam libr absorption chiller operation process control including program start, stop, on-load automatic key, etc.

start chiller and related system refers to the order will be started by stationary state, running state. Basic steps are as follows:

water chiller and system power supply is connected.

a startup instructions, operation indicator. The instruction by the site operator key issue or by the control system through remote control remote operation.

to start the cold water pumps and cooling water pump, installed in cold water and cooling water pipe on the flow controller action, if the flow within the normal range, water chiller to start the program next.

safety device to test the chiller and the state of the system, ensuring the security of the unit into the startup state. If there are any abnormal, stop start the program, in a state of self-locking.

start solution pump, after being generator level in a normal level, the heat source control valve slowly open, to heat the solution.

the evaporator is installed on the signal level controller, when the liquid level reaches a certain height automatic startup after cooling pump, cooling water chillers into the state.
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