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The operation of chromatography of air-conditioner

Chromatography of air-conditioner is specially developed for biochemical chromatography experiment and special purpose of air-conditioner. This device refrigeration system design is reasonable, cooling fast, low noise. Temperature control system of measurement and control temperature, is with digital display, high control precision.

operation - chromatography of air-conditioner - Parameter setting:

1 for 6 seconds after the press SET key, enter the parameter setting, and flicker E1;

2 and then press SET key change parameter selection, showing E2, E3, EE5, E6, F1, F2, F3, E1, sequence cycle;

3 according to the delta or del keys, it can display the value of this parameter and modify, storing data;

attorney before seconds to press any key to return to normal operating mode. E1:

parameter function for control temperature, value - Controlling temperature 45 ℃ ~ ( The actual setting should be in the range of 0 ~ 30 ℃) The factory Settings - 35℃; E2:

parameter function to control the temperature limit, control set point temperature 45 ℃ ~ ( The actual setting should be in the range of 0 ~ 30 ℃) The factory set up 20 ℃; E3:

parameter function of temperature difference, the value 1 ~ 10 ℃, 4 ℃ factory Settings.

EE5, E6, F1, F2 and F3 use parameters for engineers.

5, press the switch of refrigeration, the refrigeration system began to work.

6, dew switch: usually don't use, can only be especially wet seasons.

7, within the power switch: four power socket in control cabinet.

9, disinfection switch: disinfection lamp in control cabinet.

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