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The new development of industrial cold water machine

Cold water machine purification effect has not been reflected, is committed to develop cold water machine application market, and is constantly perfecting the function of the product, in the process of many kinds of special gas, increase the non-condensable gas separator. The use of so as to achieve better effect, a brief introduction of industrial cold water machine no non-condensable gas separator.

the system into the air or oil decomposition and so on, there will always be not condensate gas refrigeration system ( Mainly air) Exist, these gases in gathered near the surface of the condenser, the formation of gas film thermal resistance, reduce the effect of heat transfer in the condenser, compressor exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature rise, the refrigerator energy consumption of power increases, the refrigerating capacity decreased. In addition, due to the ammonia refrigeration

agent has strong toxicity and excitant odour, no non-condensable gas in the refrigeration system is not able to direct emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, you need to set up special separation of hydrogen and no non-condensable gas device, the device is composed of air separator and the corresponding pipe.

no non-condensable gas refers to the condensing Jue force and condensing temperature of cooling system will not be able to condense gas. Its component is complex, generally by the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine, steam, oil and gas, hydrocarbon mixture, such as its origin can be integrated into the following.

(1) the system charge ammonia before did not have enough vacuum degree, there are residual air, ammonia reserved in the system after filling.

(2) the porosity of the low pressure system is connected with the outside world, when the system work under negative pressure when outside air suction system.

(3) the maintenance compressor without emptying directly and work system, or refueling refueling by air into the system.

(4) high exhaust temperature of lubricating oil and industrial ice machine decomposition produces no non-condensable gas at high temperatures, or liquid ammonia and lubricating oil itself contains more impurities.

5. Ammonia refrigeration system equipment, pipeline corrosion gas produced in the process of chemistry.

no non-condensable gas exists in the system there are a lot of harm. First of all, not a clot chi often gathered in the condenser, occupied the effective volume of the condenser, in fact is equal to reduce r condenser cooling area, make the condensing pressure, thus resulting in a decline in the refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration unit, power consumption increases, the cooling load increases, the condensing pressure further increase at the same time. Second, because of the air adiabatic index greater than that of ammonia gas adiabatic index, so that the refrigeration compressor exhaust temperature increased, and accelerated the carbonization and decomposition of lubricating oil, also makes the system to produce more non-condensable gas to form a vicious circle. Not the presence of non-condensable gas ammonia refrigeration - Refrigeration system of the pipeline and equipment corrosion action, accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil and aging and it also can lead to more non-condensable gas. In addition, by high pressure liquid seal function of receiver and the one-way extraction effect of refrigeration compressor, refrigeration system of non-condensable gas mainly gathered in high pressure system and high pressure condenser receiver, when the refrigeration system work stops, you can through the air separator not non-condensable gas in the discharge system.

air separator with vertical and horizontal. In the application of high school, cold water machine makes no non-condensable gas separator on the development of better performance.
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