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The new development of food freezing dryer power mooncakes industry

As people in the pursuit of healthy food, traditional high fat and high sugar moon cakes have been unable to meet the market demand, and by food freezing dryer equipment freeze-dried fruit meddle in low temperature cold ice leather is made of fresh fruit moon cakes, this healthy and nutritious low-fat diet mooncakes in the market demand gradually.

fruit cakes due to the natural fruit freeze-dried and room temperature ice skin, oil and heat are not only far lower than conventional moon cakes, its natural fruit nutrition is retained. This new category of health at the center of the moon cake is the food freeze drier freeze-drying technology at low temperature, compared with the traditional high temperature drying technology, because it is in a low temperature and low pressure environment will directly sublimation, so the original color, aroma, taste in food and nutrition as much as you can get the retention, and effectively extend the shelf life of food, each freeze-dried fruit of moon cake stuffing content is 85%, oil content is 6%, while traditional mooncakes oil content is 15% - 21%, natural fruit nutrients were intact.

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