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The New Development Direction of the Technology of Storage and Fresh-keeping of Fruits and Vegetables in my country


  The new development direction of my country's fruit and vegetable storage and preservation technology:

   Vigorously develop storage and preservation technology and equipment in controlled atmosphere storage

   Storage and preservation in controlled atmosphere storage is currently the world's most advanced storage Method, using this method can greatly extend the storage period of fruits and vegetables, greatly reduce the loss caused by microorganisms and physiological diseases, and can maintain the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. The development direction of air conditioning storage is combined cold storage. Nowadays, most cold storages in our country are concentrated in cities, mainly used in the links of storage, transportation and marketing. However, the production area of u200bu200bfruits and vegetables-the vast rural areas is very rare. Cold storages should be built to the production area, which requires the construction of combined cold storages to greatly shorten Construction period and lower construction cost. At the same time, it is necessary to develop a combined cold storage with light weight, high efficiency, convenient construction and low cost. Regarding the construction scale of the controlled atmosphere storage, it should be a combination of large, medium and small, and the production area should be suitable for the development of small and medium-sized controlled atmosphere storage.

  Vigorously promote the application of small plastic packaging

  The role of small plastic packaging is to create a relatively independent environment for fruits and vegetables, prevent the free permeability of water and oxygen, and not only inhibit transpiration, but also It can also prevent the infection of spoiled fruits and vegetables, and is low-cost and easy to use, so it should be promoted vigorously.

   Vigorously develop refrigerated modified atmosphere containers

  Refrigerated modified atmosphere containers are the intermediate link in the cold chain connecting the production, supply, and sales of fruits and vegetables. The use of refrigerated modified atmosphere containers can not only guarantee perishable fruits and vegetables It will not be damaged, achieve the purpose of preservation, and can increase the port loading and unloading efficiency by 8 times, and the railway station's loading and unloading efficiency by 3 times. Due to the need to be in line with international trade, standardized refrigerated air-conditioned containers should be developed in the future, not only to develop their numbers, but also to develop corresponding equipment in the containers, such as refrigeration equipment, degassing, deodorizing equipment, and air conditioning equipment. The refrigerated air-conditioned container is the core part of the modern cold chain transportation system, and the temperature in the cold box can be adjusted freely within a large range (-18℃~15℃). It relies on its own mechanical equipment for refrigeration and is not affected by external climate conditions. It has stable temperature and good storage and transportation effects. Although the cost is high, it can receive good benefits. It is the development direction of the storage, transportation and preservation of fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods. . In addition, it is necessary to research and promote the use of advanced preservation technologies and equipment such as pressure reduction, radiation, and high-voltage electric fields to accelerate the development of my country's fruit and vegetable preservation technology and equipment, and promote the overall prosperity of my country's fruit and vegetable preservation industry in production, supply, and sales.

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