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The mechanism of cold water cooling system pipe design

Design is the compressor refrigeration system pipe and all kinds of refrigeration equipment, parts reasonably connected piping design of the refrigeration system, including the arrangement of the pipe diameter, pipe and pipe fittings and pipe heat preservation. The stand or fall of pipeline design, related to the refrigeration unit can have good cooling performance, operation is stable and safety, also related to the economic and reasonable in carrying system and installation simple and convenience of the operation. Refrigeration system pipeline design purpose is to ensure that Shanghai cold water machine the evaporator can get sufficient amount of feed liquid, reasonably determine the parts of the pipe diameter, shorten the cooling pipe line length as far as possible, avoid excessive flow resistance loss, make the refrigeration system has a good economy, but also prevent the refrigeration compressor of liquid in the pipe system and product oil, etc. Choice of ammonia system pipeline pipe

ammonia refrigeration system with industrial ice machine and oil pipeline should be chosen and its mixture are not and the harmful effect on the corrosion of materials. Such as ammonia in copper, zinc, tin and other non-ferrous metal corrosive, therefore, hydrogen refrigeration system are not allowed to use brass, the wall does not allow direct contact with ammonia galvanized, ammonia refrigeration system appropriate USES AiO or A20 carbon steel seamless steel tube. On the hydrogen system of pipe wall thickness requirements of ammonia refrigeration system, system of pipe has a certain pressure value, pressure piping should be a certain wall thickness. Ammonia refrigeration system usually does not exceed the working pressure of i5MPa ( Gauge pressure) , the high pressure part of the test pressure for 18 mpa ( Gauge pressure) , its low bandits part of the test pressure for 2 mpa (l Gauge pressure) 。 Ammonia ling system pipe wall thickness, thickness of industrial cold water machine can satisfy the ammonia refrigeration system work pressure to the requirement of pipe wall thickness.

3 valve parts of ammonia system

hydrogen system applied by all kinds of cold water machine the valve ( Such as the cut-off valve, throttle valve, check fujian, electromagnetic valve, relief valve, etc. ) Require ammonia is dedicated, and have the pressure, corrosion resistance and other requirements. Nominal pressure ammonia with valves and accessories shall not be less than 2. OMPa, the material of the valve body should be gray cast iron, malleable cast iron or cast steel, trapped in copper ammonia corrosive, ammonia system used in a variety of copper or copper alloy parts is not permitted in the valve. Ammonia system all valves also fell off the seat, so that the valve packing leakage, can in the system is in working status and certain pressure conditions, the valve is full, change of packing.

4 requirement for ammonia system instrument

ammonia system used for measuring instrument and application of ammonia is special products. Special pressure gauge pressure gauge with ammonia refrigeration equipment, the range should not be less than the system working pressure of jJ I. 5 times, condenser, ammonia storage device, such as oil trap high pressure vessel with 2500 kpa pressure gauge; Ammonia liquid separator, such as low pressure circulation barrels, intercooler in low pressure container with 1600 kpa pressure gauge. Not less than 2 precision grade ammonia pressure gauges. The accuracy of 5.
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