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The mechanism of cold water cooling system operation process

Mechanism of cold water cooling system four main components: compressor, evaporator, condenser, the throttle device.

cold cold water mechanism in the system the operation of the four major components are as follows:

1, the high pressure high temperature steaming refrigerants condensation high-temperature high-pressure liquid components, mechanisms in cold water cooling system in the condenser;

2, high-temperature high-pressure liquid refrigerant into low pressure low temperature vapor liquid mixture components, in the system expansion valve;

3, the low pressure low temperature vapor liquid mixture industrial ice machine evaporates into low pressure low temperature steaming, in the cold cold water mechanism system call evaporator;

4, the low pressure low temperature industrial ice machine into a high pressure steaming in the parts of the state of high temperature steam is the core component, called compressor unit in the system after the operation, the industrial ice machine circulating in the four major components.

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