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The mechanism of cold water cooling device and a compressor

Cooling water machine for machine room including the compressor refrigeration equipment, auxiliary equipment and condenser section structures. Computer room design is the design of the power plant, is related to the safety of the refrigeration unit operation and normal production. Refrigeration technology in machine room design, designers need to consider a lot of figure, with civil engineering, water, heating, electricity and so on various professional design closely, put forward the requirements and conditions of accurate, reasonable design according to the design task and the actual situation.

room buildings should be decided according to the size of cold storage. For medium and large cold storage, computer room should be set up between the compressor, auxiliary equipment, pumps, automatic control and rest rooms. For small refrigerator, compressors and equipment rooms can be combined into one. However, the water pump and oil filter equipment is unfavorable arrangement between the compressor, and should be separate in water pump, oil processing.

room building location, in the refrigerator in the general layout, equipment room should be independent buildings, and should be close to the warehouse, especially should load by freezing, ice making and so on larger cold room. Room should not be a main road near the reservoir. Room to decorate in the reservoir area beneath the dominant wind direction in summer, and to the top of the boiler room in production area, coal and other facilities. Room appropriate to the southern and northern dynasties, both sides set Windows and doors. Around the room to open, to ensure good ventilation and lighting. At the same time, ensure the outdoor equipment oil separator, the layout of vertical condenser, oil trap and other needs.
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