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The mechanism of cold summer cold water system regularly check project

Burning hot summer, use cold water machine also increasingly frequent, relative to its maintenance also want more attention than usual, in order to make its normal operation for a long time, to ensure the continued to provide cooling circulating water to maintain production of machinery and equipment of heat duty.

here, as a focus on the cold water machine research and development, design, production, sales in one of the manufacturers, with all of you here to discuss the mechanism of cold water cooling system periodically check project, mainly as follows:

small chiller

check project one: whether the condenser surface with oil pollution, dust

check method: on the basis of visual

the judgment standard, with or without abnormal

check item 2: check whether there is industrial ice machine leakage

check method: using fluorine pressure inspection table

criterion: low pressure cooling at 0. 45 ~ 0. 55 mpa refrigeration high pressure in 1. 5 ~ 2. 2 mpa

big chiller

the original: industrial instruments, http://www. tfyqchina。 cn
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