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The market demand and development of cryogenic refrigerator

According to research shows that more than - in our country 60 degrees cryogenic refrigerator demand from 100000 to 120000 units a year, and increases progressively with the annual speed of 5%. Based on the application of thermal insulation material and the dual perspective of the users demand, must produce two kinds of consumption interval period. - To 40 degrees - And - 60 degrees More than 60 degrees interval period. This is mainly divided into two major markets:

ordinary civil market, focus on - Below 40 degrees. Because as living standards and the electrical appliances manufacturer ongoing guidance, from the past low standards gradually to a more deep cryogenic standards development. Especially the whole refrigerators, freezers are moving in the cryogenic industry standards development, and introduced new product standards. This means that a wave of products on the horizon, and is a new upgrade - - - - - - Standard upgrade, at the same time, also means that can't keep up with the pace of enterprises will be eliminated by the new standard. Therefore, civil new cryogenic refrigerator is a clear trend of the development of, can form of mass production.

special market demand, such as ultra-low temperature freezer is widely used in medical, military and special products of transport as well as the colleges and universities, scientific research institutions laboratory, etc. , as a vaccine, personal plasma stored cord blood storage, special storage needs, such as the size will be bigger and bigger, and each region will form a scale. Mainly for - this particular market 60 degrees below the ultra-low temperature freezer, respectively is - , - 60 degrees , - 70 degrees And - 86 degrees 150 degrees. And the lower the temperature, the higher the added value of products. Also, with the loss of the temperature is also more and more share by foreign brands, and in fact the product of brand recognition is not strong, but pay attention to the practicability of the products and marketing public relations condition.

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