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The maintenance and maintenance of water cooled chiller

Water cooled chiller maintenance mainly includes the daily maintenance and preventive maintenance. Water cooled chiller regular overhaul and maintenance to ensure its normal operation for a long time, extend the service life of the unit, also can save energy consumption of refrigeration. For water-cooled chillers, shall have the running records, record the running situation of the unit, and to build a maintenance technology archives. Complete technical information helps to find the problems, early take measures to prevent put barrier.
screw compressor:
screw compressor is very critical components in the unit, the stand or fall of compressor is directly related to the stability of the unit. If the compressor failure. As a result of the screw compressor installation accuracy is higher, generally need to please the manufacturer to repair.
the condenser and evaporator cleaning
the water cooled condenser cooling water due to the circuit is open, generally USES the tap water through the cooling tower to recycle. When the calcium salt and magnesium salt in the water content is large, extremely easy decomposition and deposition on the cooling water pipe and form scale, affect the heat transfer. Fouling too thick will make the cooling water flow area of narrow, decrease water, condensing pressure rise. Therefore, when the use of cooling water quality is poorer, the cooling water pipe cleaning at least once a year, remove the furring in the pipe and other dirt. Clean the condenser pipe method usually has the following two kinds:
( 1) Using specialized pigging gun for cleaning pipe.
  ( 2) Use special detergent circulation, or filling in the cooling water, after waiting for 24 h after the replacement solution, until clean.
oil change:
water cooled chiller after long-term use of lubricating oil in the oil quality is poor, oil inside the impurities and moisture increase, so the observation and check the oil regularly. Once found that the problem should be timely replacement, replacement of lubricants brand must conform to the technical data.

dry filter replacement:
filter drier refrigerant is an important part of a normal cycle. Because the water and refrigerant miscibility, if the system contains moisture, will greatly affect the efficiency of water cooled chiller, so it is important to stay within the system dry, dry the inside of the filter cartridge must be replaced periodically.
the relief valve check:
water cooled condenser and evaporator in the cold water on all belong to pressure vessel, according to the regulation, the unit of high pressure relief valve installed on the condenser ontology, once the unit is in abnormal working environment, can automatic pressure relief valve, in order to prevent the high pressure may cause harm to human body. So the safety valve calibration for the safety of the whole units is very important.
the refrigerant filling:
if there is no other special reasons, general won't produce a lot of leakage unit. If due to improper use or after the maintenance, have a certain amount of refrigerant leakage. Just need to add refrigerant. Must pay attention to unit used as industrial ice machine charging refrigerant of the brand.

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